Dental Advantage Plan

LCOH Dental Advantage Plan

No Dental Insurance? No problem! Take a look at our LCOH Dental Advantage Plan!

Lower Columbia Oral Health is now offering an in-house dental savings plan right here in our practice for both new and existing patients.

The LCOH Dental Advantage Plan is a solution for individuals looking to maintain quality oral health and minimize dental care expenses. Ask us today about LCOH Dental Advantage Plan and how it can help make taking care of your smile affordable for you and your whole family!

Plan Pricing

  Adult Plan Child Plan Perio Plan
Cost Per Year $199 $225 $350
Age Levels 13 and Older 12 and Younger N/A
Comprehensive Exam 1x/Year 1x/Year 1x/Year
X-Rays 1x/Year, bite wings 1x/Year, bite wings 1x/Year, bite wings
Cleanings 2x/Year 2x/Year Cleaning
2x/Year Flouride
Discount on Dental Procedures 20% 20% 20%
Savings (per year / discount off dental procedures) $202 / 20% $226 / 20% $386 / 20%

Other Plan Benefits

  • No Annual Limits
  • No Pre-Authorization Required
  • No Waiting Periods
  • No Deductibles
  • No Maximums
  • Flat Rate
  • $825 per crown (e.max)
  • $875 per crown (PFM)
  • Three unit bridge: $2471

This is not a replacement for dental insurance. It is only valid at LCOH. Discounts under this program shall not apply to any treatment started prior to enrollment or after membership expires, nor to any treatment paid in whole or part by insurance. No insurance benefits or other discount offers may be combined with this program. Annual memberships must be paid within 12 month membership period. This is non-transferable to other individuals. Medically billable procedures can be billed to Medicare or medical insurance and are considered separate from this plan.