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Get Your Teeth Replaced with Tooth Replacement Services

Are you afflicted with any oral disease? If so, then do not avoid it any longer, or else it may cause severe problems to your mouth, such as tooth decay, oral cancer, et cetera. Tooth replacement services are the best treatments for you. They are meant to replace your one or more teeth if they have developed any problems or have become weaker.  

What are Tooth Replacement Services?

In order to fully understand tooth replacement services, you will need to see the structure of your teeth. You will find the crown located above the jaw and the root inside the jaw. A dental implant is a fixture, which surgically fixes into the jawbone to replace the missing tooth root. After a successful fusion with the jawbone, the procedure comes to an end with the addition of an artificial crown on the top of the implant. 
The success of tooth replacement services depends on the fact that the implant does not cause any effect to your nearby teeth and has strong stability. Ever since the dental implant was available for medical use, continued research coupled with advanced technology has witnessed a substantial improvement in the success rate of the replacement services.
How is the Implant Placed?

  • The process of placing the implant is smooth and efficient. The implant looking like a screw or cylinder is fixed into your jaw and then allowed to fuse with your jawbone over the next 2-6 months. The actual duration depends on the condition of your jawbone and if bone gratification is mandatory. This fusion is important for the formation of an anchor for your artificial tooth. 
  • When you are waiting for the implant to be fused with your jawbone, you can go for a temporary tooth replacement over the implant. The second step involves the addition of an extension on your plant that will build the foundation on which your new tooth will be fixed. Due to the damage on your gum, there will be sufficient time for your gum to heal before going to the next step. 
  • Nevertheless, the need for the second phase depends on the condition of your gums. One-stage implant system makes use of an implant with an extension, necessitating your second stage. Your dentist will give you advice on the best option for you. The whole process is painless and comfortable and is done under anesthesia. 
  • The placement of the crown is the last step. Your dentist will create one and cinch it to a metal post, known as an abutment. After a brief period of healing, you will have restored the ability to speak, chew and smile comfortably. And you may even forget that you had ever lost a tooth.  

Some Other Common Tooth Services that You May Need
Apart from tooth replacement services, you may need the following services that will make you feel proud of your broad smile:

Tooth Reshaping
These services will improve the appearance of your tooth. These services can also get you rid of edges that cut your gums while chewing or speaking.  

Gum Lift
Teeth, such as wisdom tooth grow during the mid-teens and early 20s. Therefore, there are instances when the teeth are quite smaller since permanent teeth have occupied their space. By opting for a gum lift, you can easily get your gums raised to make your gums look symmetrical.

Teeth gaps and stains are unsightly. That is why more and more individuals go for dental treatments that can cater to their needs. Fortunately, veneers are services that can help you get rid of gaps and stains easily. These ultra-thin porcelain laminates can make your teeth whiter and healthier. Veneers can also make your teeth stronger and prevent certain damages.

Dental bridges
Individuals sometimes use their teeth in unusual ways, from opening bottles up to tearing plastics. Because of this, there are instances when individuals lose their teeth. In order to replace lost teeth easily and efficiently, you need dental bridges.

Teeth whitening
There are many food items that individuals like to eat and drink, such as energy drinks, ice cream, and chocolates. Nevertheless, these food items can easily stain your teeth. Apart from that, smoking and drinking coffee are also some of the main reasons that may darken your teeth. But you can bring back your white sparkling teeth through teeth whitening services. 

At Lower Columbia Oral Health, we provide comprehensive dental care in Longview, Washington, for patients of all ages. Our office lays an emphasis on nonintrusive dentistry, with one-day surgeries, implants without extensive operations, and orthodontic care without the need for tooth extraction. We strive for excellence at every level of interaction and employ an experienced team focused on preserving the lifelong health of your smile.

If you have any oral disease, visit a dentist to avail yourself of tooth replacement services. Do not lose hope in your life. You can bring back your lost smile to your face with these services. 

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