Tooth Replacement Services

Getting Tooth Replaced? Things You Should Do Before Seeking Tooth Replacement Services

Dental implants are a fantastic restorative solution if you’ve already experienced tooth loss or have a painful tooth that will need to be removed someday. According to sources, over three million Americans have at least one dental implant, and 500,000 join the aggregates each year. Modern dental implants are presently a reasonably standard option presented by experienced dentists like Dr. Sam Wise. However, tooth replacement is still a more sober procedure than simply filling a cavity. 

If you’ve never had a dental implant back then, you might experience a little bit of anxiety combined with a pinch of excitement. You can ease your apprehensions and set yourself up for progress with a few of the below-mentioned helpful tips before paying a visit to your doctor for tooth replacement services in Longview.

How To Prepare Yourself For Seeking Tooth Replacement Services?

After your initial consultation, if Dr. Sam Wise finds you require a dental implant, he’ll advise you to go for a dental implant procedure. If the day of your tooth replacement is near, here are some points to take care of before your appointment.

Take A Comprehensive Dental Examination

An examination helps us determine if a patient needs tooth replacement. It also provides relevant information that the dentist utilizes to come up with a treatment plan. Dr. Sam Wise will assess the patient by taking x-rays, visual inspection, and going through the patient’s past medical history. The step-by-step procedure of replacing the tooth  will rely on the following information:

  • If a patient has a weak or suppressed immune system, the doc will put them on antibiotics before and after tooth replacement.
  • If we find that the patient is allergic to any anesthetic or dental materials, at  Lower Columbia Oral Health, we will use alternatives.
  • If the patient is already on medication that could contradict the anesthetic or affect the dental implant procedures, the best clinic for dental services in Longview will modify the treatment plan.
  • If the patient’s jaw needs to be prepared, we’ll perform bone grafts or jaw reshaping. 
  • If the patient is exceptionally healthy, we may replace the multiple teeth and abutment in a single surgery. We may even fix the crown with the implant & abutment in a few cases if required.

We will formulate a treatment plan that will cater to your individual needs based on the evaluation results. We’ll communicate to the patient the treatment plan and advise you on preparing for each procedure.

Stock Up On Plenty Of Soft Foods & Drinks.

You apparently won’t feel like wandering around a supermarket, cooking a meal for yourself after your appointment. Stocking up on light foods, nutritional beverages, water, soup, and things for yourself that you might require after the replacement is done will let you take rest after the tooth replacement and not be tempted to skip a meal. Remember, you’ll have to live on a soft food diet for weeks after seeking Tooth Replacement Services Longview and even longer if your teeth need a bone graft.

Plan Your Schedule So You Can Relax The Next Day.

Some patients may feel fine enough to turn up to work the next day, while a few may feel find resting for a day or two more comfortable post-replacement. If you’ve never had a tooth replaced previously and are uncertain of how you might feel, it’s good to play it on the safe side and plan your schedule so that you can take at least the following day off work. 

Ask Your Dentist (Dr. Sam Wise) About Sedation Options If You’re Anxious.

If you’re feeling anxious about tooth replacement, there’s nothing to feel ashamed of. Instead of trying to tough it out, we at Lower Columbia Oral Health encourage our anxious patients to reach out to us so that Dr. Wise can discuss sedation options. Being the best Clinic for Dental Services Longview, we always want our patients to feel relaxed, so don’t hesitate to inquire about conscious oral sedation.

Get Lots Of Sleep The Day Before Your Tooth Replacement.

A dental implant or tooth replacement procedure is highly reliable and relatively straightforward, but it sets the body through stress as with any medical procedure. Getting a full night of sound sleep before your replacement helps relieve worries & guarantees your body is well-rested. Taking lots of rest before oral implantation will help kickstart the healing response of your body.

Start A Course Of Antibiotics If We Ask You To Do So 

If you are about to undergo a tooth replacement procedure, you may consume immunosuppressant drugs to stop the body from attacking the implants/ transplants. Before replacing and dental implants fitted, you ought to take antibiotics, which take up the function of a substitute immune system. For this purpose, patients with chronic diseases or ailments must take a complete course of antibiotics before and after the dental implants procedure.

Get Your Jaw Prepared, If Necessary 

If for whatever reason, your jaw cannot anchor the implant correctly, we’ll do all possible to improve the jaw’s structure. 

  • Dr. Wise, offering reliable Tooth Replacement Services Longview, will do a bone graft if your jaw is too thin or too weak to hold an implant.
  • Help smooth or reshape your jaw if needed.
  • If your jaw is excessively large or bulky, we will remove a few bones from the jaw.
  • Dr. Wise will also eliminate any impacted teeth discovered inside the jaw.
  • Once the jaw heals, the remaining dental implant procedure can proceed.

The Final Touch!

We know an aching tooth is a horrible experience one can have. If you experience a constant toothache, you must communicate to your nearby dentist. Give us a chance, and we would love to assist you! If Dr. Wise advises you for tooth replacement, make sure you pay heed to the above-written points so that the procedure can be carried out smoothly and you can have the best experience possible.