Dental Implants Services

How Dental Bridges Differ From Dental Implants Services? Read Below!

No doubt that a smile has numerous benefits to your overall well-being. It is known to boost how people comprehend you and it and can also improve your immune system. But, how can you feel about your smile if you have a missing tooth? Lucky for you, many teeth restoration tools have been developed to regain your sparkling smile. And the most known respiration option is dental bridges and Dental Implants Services. Below is some information about each dental treatment that may be best for you. Moreover, you must consult a trusted dentist in choosing the best treatment.

Dental Bridges Versus Dental Implants Services!

Dental Bridges Service!

A dental bridge is a pleasing prosthesis that bridges the gap between two or more natural teeth. Here, a pair of crowns are attached to the natural teeth on either side of the gap. An artificial tooth between these crowns acts as a restoration of the natural missing teeth. At the same time, dental bridges will cover the gap where your tooth once was before. But, they are not actually affixed to your jaw. 

Moreover, the dentist of Lower Columbia Oral Health recommends you go for dental bridge service if only one or two teeth are missing. Make sure a bridge is a fixed dental restoration, meaning it is non-removable. With this treatment, you can quickly restore your dazzling smile and confidence to talk to everyone without worrying about the look of your overall oral health.

Dental Implants!

A dental implant is composed of titanium posts that work as a tooth root as well as a crown. Here, the titanium posts are surgically inserted into the jawbone at the site of the missing teeth. And fuse it through a process known as osseointegration. Once this process is done, an abutment is attached to the post-frame, and a dental crown is screwed or cemented on.

Moreover, if you are young and want a long-lasting missing teeth replacement, you must go for dental implants. And, yes, it is a surgical process, but make sure we treat you in a very pleasing way. In addition, if you want to replace the complete arches of the teeth, you have only one option: dental implants.

Treatment Procedure!

The treatment process of dental implants is highly costly than the treatment process of Dental Bridges in Longview. However, dental implants required several steps to complete the treatment procedure. And it is because dental implants mimic a natural tooth root and function similarly to a real tooth would.

Anchoring a titanium post in the jawbone needed surgery, and it usually takes three to six months for the bone to originate around the implant. Following the establishment of the bone, a post is attached. And at this point, the surrounding gum tissue needs a decided time to heal. The healing process can take several months, though it’s vital to remember that all individuals heal at different rates.

Since dental bridges are not annexed to the jawbone, putting them in does not require any surgery. Moreover, a dental bridge procedure can generally be completed in a few weeks.

Here, we again repeat knowing the difference is good, but never decide what treatment you wish. Because the treatment also depends on the condition of your oral health. So, you must visit at once to our Wise Dentist to cater to all.

Difference In Cost!

The Dental Implants Services is much more complex than the dental bridge service. And, dental implants also need more time and attention. As such, the treatment cost of the dental implants is typically much greater than the cost of the dental bridge. However, it is crucial to remember, just like with either procedure or purchase, you get what you pay for. So, you should not only choose the treatment types based on the cost but also check what will suit you.

Long-Term Effects!

When deciding which teeth restoration option is best suited to you, it’s significant to consider the long-term impacts of dental implants vs. dental bridges. In contrast, a lower price and less invasive treatment procedure may seem like a preferable scenario on the surface. But, taking the easy route for oral health care does come with ramifications.

A dental bridge is not a permanent solution to missing teeth. It can last between nine to fifteen years on average. And at this point, it needs to be replaced with the new one. Since the dental bridge does not replace the root of your tooth, you may experience deterioration of the jawbone. And it can highly affect your overall appearance.

On the other hand, dental implants are structurally sound replacements that can last for a lifetime and need only a little maintenance. And, it doesn’t leave any stains on the surrounding teeth. The implants inserted into the jaw safeguard any bone loss from occurring. So, if you want a lifetime solution, you must go for implant treatment.

These are some common differences between dental bridges and dental implants treatment. Make sure, replacing one tooth, more than one tooth, or completely arches the teeth, all possible with us in a great outcome.

Final Thoughts!

Now, you would understand the typical difference between dental bridges and Dental Implants Services. As mentioned above, never choose the treatment types only by seeing the cost. You must also see the long-term effect and the condition of your jawbone. And the best option is to consult with our dentist at Lower Columbia Oral Health if you need to help in deciding the teeth replacement option.