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This was by far the best dental experience I have ever had. Dr. Wise, and his amazing staff were professional and attentive during my procedure. You can definitely tell that everyone there enjoys their job, and helping people. Check them out if you want to be treated like a person, and not just another appointment.   

  Erin M.

Ive had nothing but pleasant experiences at this place. Dr. Wise was very informative on how to fix my teeth and even gave me information on how to fix my gummy smile AKA horsey smile. Dr. Wise was upfront, blunt, and honest with me on the condition of my teeth and I appreciate that. I’ve had two fillings and a deep clean done on my teeth and although I haven’t seen him at every appointment I will continue to see him for any future work needed. Dr. Wise does excellent work and utilizes current technologies to make patients feel welcome and comfortable.

Thank you! Dr. Wise 🙂

Annmarie K.

I have had neck and upper back problems for years. It was not until i saw Dr.Wise that it was ever diagnosed and treated. He gave my trigger point injections and instantly the pain I had experienced for years was gone. He not only is helping with treating the pain but is also talking about other things he can do to treat this in the long run. By far the most knowledgeable Dentist I have ever been too.

Hannah O.

Dr. Sam Wise and his whole staff was very supportive and helped to guide me through every step. I recommend them for whatever your needs may be for your Oral health. I love my new smile it’s very contagious. Thanks to everyone who works with Lower Columbia of Oral Health and changed my life for the best.

Luke M.

           Really impressive            Jennette H.

Prof. Wise is a magician. He pulled four wisdom teeth for my cousin in one move. She didn’t even feel the shot. She did not swell and didn’t use even Tylenol. My dentist took one hour and twenty minutes pulling one wisdom tooth breaking it part by part using chisel and mallet. I still have jaw pain since then. My face was like a balloon and he gave me tons of narcotics.
I highly recommend Dr. Wise.

Sally R.

Good clinic. Excellent service and great work.

Rahal R.

I discovered Dr. Wise after having 6 upper dentures made by so-called specialty practices from Longview to Vancouver. I was at my wits and financial limits. Prof.Wise – an actual prosthodontist trained in the most prestigious dental schools in Germany. I never saw a dentists before with delicate balance and intricacies of creating a natural and beautiful dentures that fit like my own teeth. Unlike all previous dentists, he took the time necessary to design and measure, I am so proud to wear that I can’t quit smiling to show it off! I cried and hugged him the moment he put them in my mouth. My only comment was that his staff was not very professional although they were so friendly. I was told I cam in the transition time between the old staff and the new one. Besides, I would accept COVID as an excuse for scheduling and lab mistakes. I don’t mind messing with my schedule a couple of times because I got such an outstanding result. I highly regard this practice and would recommend even the most difficult cases to professor Sam Wise.

Laura H.

My breath was affecting everybody around me and when i have the mask on, I just couldn’t stand my own smell. I was really in bad shape. I made a long trip in to see Dr. Sam Wise and it was worth every single mile that I drove. Dr. Wise cured my bad breath problem and literally saved me.
He diagnosed many issues no other physician diagnosed for years. He’s extremely knowledgeable and sincere.

Lois B.

My experience with Dr. Wise has been excellent. They provide professional, high quality care in a personalized manner. At my first visit, I felt like they really listened to my concerns and explained my treatment options. Dr. Wise spent approximately one hour educating me about sleep apnea and full mouth rehabilitation. He gave me several options for treatment to accommodate with my financial situation. They accept all types of financing including in-house finance. I appreciate their great communication, flexible appointment times and super nice staff!
I read the biased article in the daily news alleging that Dr. Wise was under investigation. I asked him directly. He explained that disgruntled employees made a fake storm out of nothing. It was all lies. Anyone can file unlimited complaints to the department of health and they have to investigate every complaint no matter how silly it was. The complaints were trivial that they claimed he didn’t have three master degrees. He showed me all his degrees and they are displayed in the waiting area. Everyone can see it. I strongly recommend him as a dentist and oral surgeon.

Jonathan L.

Best employer I’ve ever worked for. Dr treats all of us like family. Dr is very patient and kind to both his staff and his patients. The staff at this office are very friendly and welcoming. I am blessed to be apart of such an amazing team.

Cassandra P.

Highly recommended. Dr. Wise is great.

Julie B.

The best dentist ever. I Drive 50 miles to see Dr. Wise. Haven’t seen a dentist with three master degrees before. Once I tried, i appreciated the difference. Dr. Wise is a phenomenal dentist and oral surgeon. No doubt.
I’ve been suffering from migraine for decades and I saw tons of neurologists. it took dr. Wise ten minutes to diagnose that i have sinusitis NOT migraine. he stopped all my medications and I feel much better now

Stephen W.

Dr. Wise is phenomenal and very friendly. Every dentist I met before told me I needed a night-guard to stop grinding teeth at night. Dr. Wise told me the reason behind grinding was sleep apnea and the night-guard was not the solution!! I sounded crazy, but he said that my cardiac issue, the high blood pressure, diabetes, and the heart-burning is because of Sleep Apnea. I did the sleep test and my diagnosis was moderate to severe sleep apnea and I was assigned to Dr. Wise to receive a dental appliance. Dr. Wise and staff answered all questions I had and have been VERY professional every visit. Even though this place is almost one hour away from where I live, no complaints at all and worth the drive (Only one assignable with my insurance). Overall excellent customer service and would highly recommend to all. I no longer use a CPAP machine and the dental appliance I received has been awesome. Now, I was told Dr. Wise is bringing in a new technology that uses LASER to treat sleep apnea and eliminate snoring in ten minutes once and forever. I cannot wait to try it. Alas, no insurance covers it so far. The office keeps in touch with me for follow-ups and ensures I am well taken care of. THANK YOU!!!

Ethan S.

Sam Wise is great! I call him “Painless”.
When he had to inject a numbing agent, I never felt a thing. Having used a laser instead of a drill made it so I didnt even need the shot, on another visit.
I honestly lost all anxiety about THE CHAIR and what takes place at the dentist thanks to DDS Sam Wise!

Toby E.

Dr. Wise is a magician and beyond critics. He pulled four wisdom teeth of my cousin in one move. She didn’t even feel the shot. She did not swell and she didn’t use even Tylenol. My dentist took one hour and twenty minutes pulling one wisdom tooth breaking it part by part using chisel and mallet. I still have jaw pain since then. My face was like a balloon and he gave me tons of narcotics.
I highly recommend Dr. Wise.

Sally R.

Prof. Wise has the permit to perform IV sedation at the office. No need to pay the hospital setting










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