Digital Cone Beam

Digital Cone Beam Computer Tomography

That is a technical term for a CT scanner. We employ a narrow field CT scanner machine for 3 dimensional imaging of the jaws, maxillary sinuses, and mid-face. This imaging is INVALUABLE for a variety of diagnostic needs. Here are some examples:

    • dental implant planning
    • fabrication of dental implant surgical guides
    • location of cysts and other jaw pathology
    • exact locations of wisdom teeth relative to vital structures
    • pre-operative assessment of maxillary sinuses prior to bone grafting procedures
    • exact location of supernumerary teeth

Our CT scanner provides the lowest radiation dose per scan on the market. Since it scans the jaws and mid-face only, the radiation dose per scan is significantly lower than that of a film based panorex x-ray and typically less than a modern digital chest x-ray. This equals an equivalent mean dose of about 2.4 days of natural background radiation from living in the United States.