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When Should You Consider Emergency Dental Care In Longview?

When dealing with a dental problem, you ought to call your dentist first. Although what if you encounter an oral condition on a holiday, weekend, or at midnight? If dealing with a rigorous dental problem, you will possibly require emergency dental care. It’s necessary to distinguish between a structured dental concern that can wait till morning and a true emergency that may even endanger your well-being or cost you a tooth. Here’s what you ought to know regarding diagnosing dental/ oral catastrophe. How Can You Recognize if It’s a Dental Emergency Practitioners of Dental Care in Longview stated, not all dental conditions should be counted as an emergency.

In order to aid you to determine if you can wait to be examined by us or your dentist or if you require to consider an ER (emergency room) or an emergency dentist, question yourself: 

  • Are you bearing severe pain? Unbearable pain and non-stop bleeding are manifestations of an emergency.
  • Lost a tooth? Quick treatment may potentially save your tooth.
  • Having loose teeth? Adults should not lose teeth. A loosened tooth, even without discomfort, is a major problem.
  • Do you have an infection? An abscess or major infection in your mouth can be possibly life-threatening, and treatment must not wait. You may notice inflammation, pain, redness, or knots on your gums, or swelling on the face.
  • Do you bleed from your mouth? This one is an inherent sign of a dental emergency.

In common, any dental problem that needs immediate treatment from Dental Care in Longview from dental services like Wise to stop bleeding, alleviate non-stop pain, or save a tooth is supposed to be an emergency. Moreover, this consideration also pertains to acute infections that can become life-threatening. 

A Few Common Dental Emergencies

If you’re undergoing any of the below stated common dental emergencies, here’s everything you require to know about caring for the concern until you get to a reputable dental service provider like us.

  • Unexplainable Toothache 

Toothache is a painful nuisance, and you should take it lightly. Toothaches are a red flag and your body’s way of letting you recognize that something inappropriate is in your mouth. When you feel a sudden and indecipherable pain, connect with us, a team of qualified emergency dentist and dental assistants, to help diagnose and treat the dental problem. Meanwhile, you fix your appointment with our Dental Care in Longview, try applying a cold compress, or rinsing with saltwater. You may even have pain medication to help alleviate the discomfort until the time you reach us.

  • Swollen or Bleeding Gums

Precisely, occasional gum irritation isn’t considered a dental emergency. Gums that don’t stop bleeding, particularly if accompanied by pain & swelling can potentially be an underlying dental issue. It isn’t normal to experience bleeding gums without any apparent purpose.

  • Swollen Jaw or Mouth 

You must arrange for an emergency dentist visit for urgent treatment if your mouth/ jaw suddenly becomes swollen without any obvious reason. You may have a plague, sensitivity in your lymph nodes, or a few different factors that a dentist like Dr. Wise will treat it right away.

  • Food/ Object Lodged Within Teeth

When a bit of food or another object lodges within your teeth and no brushing or flossing helps, you must see your dentist straight away. Without a professional oral surgery specialist to extract the particles, it may cause your teeth to shift, gum inflammation, tooth decay, or even a plague.

  • Exposed Nerves

When the tooth root is exposed, it’s an excruciating experience that only gets worse if you don’t visit a dentist without delay. In order to prevent tooth plagues, additional nerve damage, or extensive dental treatments, seek emergency dental assistance ASAP.

  • Missing on Filling

Missing a filling can also become a potential dental emergency since your tooth can easily crack or chip without that reinforcement. Furthermore, it may even expose the nerves of the tooth, which can drive to numerous other dental concerns that demand immediate remedy.

The Bottom Line!

One of the best approaches to prevent dental emergencies is to stay proactive in your oral hygiene and get your routine check-ups done. At Wise, Dr. Sam Wise and our dental team offer same-day emergency dental care in Longview as unexpected things can happen anytime. During your visit, we’ll inspect for loose fillings & crowns and signs of decay, infection, and gum disease. Give your teeth the best protection, love, and care they deserve with us!